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You,may be wondering who I am or what this site is about or even why this exists. Well, I’m here to tell you!

Eric Rozansky

Eric Rozansky

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To start, my name is Eric Rozansky, I am a 24 year old living in Arizona and have recently graduated from Barrett Honors College at Arizona State University with a degree in History. I am also autistic, having been diagnosed at very young age. It is something I am very open about and in general, the topic of autism is something I am very passionate about, and is one of the things that led to the creation of The ‘Tism.

The ‘Tism was born of a simple idea: there’s so many products out there that are about autism, but how many of those are made by autistic people? How many of those are even marketed to autistic people? The ‘Tism was founded on one main principle, one basic mission that drives this entire operation: “By autistic people, for autistic people.” I aim to create something that can truly appeal to and understand the wants, needs, and sensibilities of the autism community.

What also inspired The ‘Tism is something I noticed for a long time: when most people talk about autism, they usually talk about how hard it is, or how “tragic” it is for families to deal with, or the “struggle” so to speak. Why should we have to define our condition solely through the bad parts? Why not have fun with it? That is another fundamental part of The ‘Tism: to remove the stigma behind the condition. Why be sad about it when you can laugh about it? Ultimately, The ‘Tism is about telling the world what it really means to be autistic, and to show that our condition does not have to be a burden.

The ‘Tism is not just a place to buy t-shirts or mugs or what have you, but also a place to earnestly discuss autism, both the good and the bad. I hope to, over the next few years, truly get my voice out there and establish a rapport with everyone reading this page, whether that be through the blog (which you can conveniently find on the front page), the podcast (Also on the front page), or simply through our line of products.

So remember, Light It Up Red and remember, if someone asks, just say “I got The ‘Tism!”